Broccoli, Baby bell cheese, and baby Portobellos

I love having broccoli at lunch. I've been trying different things to mix it up. For this recipe I use a steamer. F.Y.I. I'm not a professional cook, or chef.

Ingredients List:

1 crown of broccoli

Kirkland garlic powder to your taste
or fresh garlic, whatever you have

Kirkland organic no salt seasoning, or any no salt seasoning
Trader Joe's has 21 seasoning salute that's really good. You can find Ms Dash 
pretty much everywhere. 

Fresh ground pepper
 optional, amount is your preference

1 BabyBel Cheese light
 add 2 if you want

Sliced baby portobellos
 as many as you like they do shrink down.
 I usually add a good handful


                                            Add water to your steamer, and plug it in
                                            Wash you broccoli crown
cut broccoli up, and add it to the steamer basket
add mushrooms on top of the broccoli

shake your seasoning of choice over the top, and
add pepper. I set the steamer to 15 minutes. 

This is all so up to you. How cooked do you want your broccoli? 
After the timer goes off I check to see if the broccoli is done enough.
Give it a gentle mix.

 I cut up Babybel cheese

 first I cut the round in have,
then I cut the half rounds in half, and finally I cut each half into thirds. 
sprinkle the cheese on the  broccoli, mushroom mixture. The cheese will get warm, and melty (yes that's a word
Serve, and Enjoy

4/2/18 Happy Easter

I uploaded the unedited video by mistake. No Title, or credits, but it is what it is.