Nov, 23 2007
Well I drooped out of the Knitting contest. I finished the hat, but The scarf I was making was just knitting up to slow, and it the stockinette stitch makes it roll so bad there is no amount of blocking that can fix it. That's OK, The prize would have been a $50.00 gift certificate for the yarn shop. I asked for one for Christmas anyways.

My partner and I went out shopping today I guess they call it black Friday. It was mad in the stores with all the people. I bought 12 skeins of Divine Paton's yarn, and a shoe holder to store it in. I just can't handle the whole shopping thing during the holidays. I am doing my shopping online this year for the people who are not receiving knit items.

I just finished knitting a fun fur scarf for a gift for a girl that works with me,
and I knit a cupcake from the book one skein. It is so silly. I just had to make it.
I finally figured out the double pointed needles, and now I am getting fast on them.
The are so fun once you get used to them.


  • cable scarf

  • ace scarf

  • hat

  • poncho

  • garter stitch scarf

  • yarn over scarf

  • my first sock !!

Oct. 7 2007

I joined a knitting contest I have to knit a hat and scarf set. I am knitting a basic hat and a cable scarf.(pic) Wish me luck!!

I have a lot of knitting projects around the house I am knitting a lace scarf, scarves for Christmas gifts, and My first pair of socks.

I also just got in at Ravelry after waiting about 3 months. I have been taking lots of pictures uploading them to my flickr account and then to my Ravelry ( so many steps)
I attended a fiber fair Saturday in Redway, California. I say a lot of cool fibers, and people spinning yarn. I just want to buy the yarn ....They can spin it. It was a good trip, and I had a lot of fun.

Oct. 1, 2007

Well I am starting my Christmas gifts I have tons of yarn and not a lot of money. so knitting it is. Last year I didn't think about knitting for anyone. now that I am faster and kind of know what I doing I am going to go for it. People ask me to knit for them all the time, and I always say no. Maybe they will enjoy a hand made gift.