Where's Pauly??

Hello Everyone, You probably have noticed my absence from podcasting. I've had trouble keeping up a consistent show. I myself enjoy watching weekly podcasts around 30 minutes. I enjoy see the weekly progress of the projects, and spinning. For some reason I feel like I just wouldn't have enough to talk about for me to keep a weekly podcast. So I tried two shows a month, That's not working, and my episodes seem to have there way to once a month. I need to rethink my podcast schedule, and put more effort into it.


We just brought home a new puppy. Her name is Coco, and she is 8 weeks old. I am spending a lot of time chasing after her, taking her outside, and trying to keep he entertained. I do not have the time to sit down and record.
So I have decided instead of leaving you all high and dry. I would write a blog entry.

                                           YARN STOMP

We had our yarn stomp (yarn crawl) this last weekend. We have 4 yarn stores in our area. I went to 3 out of the 4 stores. You got to enter a raffle, and you got a gift from each store. One of them is 45 minutes away, and that was the day we were getting our puppy.

The first store we went into was called Yarn. It's a small space, but it's perfect. She utilizes the vertical space to display her beautiful yarns.
She also just launched a website and sells her yarns online.
I didn't purchase anything, but my partner Mike wanted to buy me skein of yarn. He picked out Madelinetosh Sock. The color is Spectrum. The free gift was a really pretty stitch marker. She let you choose a closed one, or one that opens.

outside in front of her store front there was a fiber booth set up. there were a lot of hand knit items on the tables, and some alpacas in all different sizes. I asked about spinning fibers. She had the fiber stored away under the table in totes. I looks through and didn't see anything I wanted to purchase. I couldn't tell what was what. I bought one of the Alpacas, and we walked to the next store.

The next sore we went into was called The North Coast Knittery
It was pretty quiet in the store. We looked around in the store. I didn't see any yarns I had to have. I did see a new book the store just had published. I didn't buy it, but I do plan to in the future. The book is Woodlands. I think it's well done. There are a few guy patterns in the book.
I asked the lady working if they had any spinning fiber. She said yes we just opened a fiber studio upstairs. OMG my mouth was probably hanging open. She took us up to the room. It is so beautiful in there. The center of the room had spinning wheels set up, and the perimeter of the room is all the beautiful fiber. I bought 4 ounces of blur merino, and I also bought some natural undyed fiber I have never spun before Shetland Moorit, and Falkland top. I also bought 4 ounces of Polworth. I could have really done some damage in that store, but I only spent 32.69. When I was done checking out she my things into a nice reusable bag with the stores logo.
The gift from this store was a pattern, and the yarn to make it. Louisa Harding Mariposa They're going to be having spinning classes, and a lot of other classes I'm interested in. I will definitely be back.

next, we got in the car, and headed back to Arcata. (California) to the next yarn store that is called Fabric Temptations. It's divided into two areas. One side fabric, one side yarn. The room is bursting at the seems with yarn. I'm drawn to all the baskets of plump skeins of colors everywhere. The yarns are beautiful. What I appreciate in this store is the prices. there are yarns priced at 6.50. and if your in the mood for a high end yarn you can get that too. I bought 4 skeins of Plymouth Encore.  75% acrylic 25% wool. I've really been into this yarn lately. It feels good to knit with, it's machine washable, and it's my price range. I've been buying it without a project in mind. That's how I get myself into trouble. I'm an impulsive yarn shopper(hoarder). The gift from this store was Brown's fiber shampoo.

That's was our little yarn adventure. We'll be back to our regular podcast soon. I will wait to share my WIPS AND FOs till then.