Birthday trip ( March 22nd 2010)

I recently had a birthday (March 19Th.) My birthday landed on a Friday. Saturday my partner, our dog, and I drove up the beautiful coast of Organ. It was sunny, and was such a beautiful drive. I started knitting a new scarf out of a self stripping chunky yarn I found at Jo-Ann's. I used the pattern from the Yarn Harlot, called One row scarf. It's my favorite scarf pattern.

We got to our destination, Newport, 300 miles from home. at the Shiloh Inn. We checked in, and then before we knew it, it was windy, and rainy. There were a lot of kids, and dogs at the Inn. It was nightime and the kids were walking around barefoot, wrapped in towels in the wind, and rain. The Hotel had 2 pools, and was located on a cliff that had 99 stairs down to the sandy beach. Our room was nice and clean, and very comfortable.

That night we went to a state store, and bought vodka, and Bloody Mary mix. In Organ you can't by hard liquor in regular stores like Safeway, or Fred Myer. They also have a law that you can't buy it after 10:00. You can however drink till 2 in a bar. Boy oh Boy..Do I love California.
so the first night we relaxed in our room, and drank bloody Marys.

The second day, I slept in late, got up and had a screw driver, got showered, and dressed, and went to a restaurant called pig n pancake. I thought it a take on the Hollywood restaurant called Chicken n waffles,but my partner said it was supposed to sound like pigs n a blanket. Well they did have sausage in a pancake. That reminds me of the breakfast corn dog. (mmm) those are good. The restaurant was busy, and a bit slow, but very good.

After breakfast we went to the Newport aquarium. It wasn't to busy,but enough people were there to block the exhibits, and I had to wait for them to move so I could see the tanks, and read the information for each one. We saw giant starfish, and all kinds of Jelly fish. We saw lots of fish, and sharks. We saw seals otters, and sea lions. We even saw an Octopus. He stayed in a little cave in his tank. I wish I saw it out swimming around.

at night we were going to go back to the state store, because it was my partners time to buy. Unfortunately the store was closed. Sunday I guess the state stores are closed. We could either drink beer or wine that you can purchase at a regular store, or we could out and have a good time, and guess what choice we made....

First we had a drink in the lounge of the hotel. Mine was made with a local vodka infused with raspberries, and blueberries. The drink was very sour. I thought a cosmopolitan was supposed to be a bit sweeter. after that we walked up the street to a restaurant called The Newport steakhouse. We ordered more drinks. I ordered Chicken Parm. (mmm) It was very tasty. I would definitely go there again.

When we were done eating we decided to walk up to a bar called Moby Dicks. It was empty. They were set up for karaoke. We had another cocktail, and went back to our room. We took the dog out, then decided to return to Moby Dicks. There was a country boy who sang most of the songs, and he was very good. I thought I was hearing the CD. after a while of hanging out at the bar, well actually the bar was closing. I think we might have over done it, because I had to walk my partner back to our room.

We woke up, a bit hung over. Showered, dressed, and went out to have a quick breakfast. We found a place called the red door cafe. It was just a small little place, but so good. We both ordered the same thing. Eggs on sourdough toast, with a side of hash browns, and water to drink. My partner makes this for me at home, and it sure is my favorite breakfast.

After that we left back down the coast. We stopped at Fred Myer, stopped at few vista points where the view of the ocean was breathtaking. We were supposed to stay another night somewhere down the coast so we could check out shops, and town, and just take our time. Before I knew it we were home, I felt a little short changed. That was the whole reason I choose to go to Organ for my birthday, was the trip. I wanted to shop, I wanted to see the towns, I really wanted to take in what the coast had to offer. Mike set his mind to get home, and he did. What happened to my birthday???....What happened to my trip??? and what happened to our plans???

Yarn Winding

I am going to Blue Lake to visit a good friend, She's my knitting buddy. She doesn't have a sweft, or ball winder. I tell her she needs to invest in one, if she's going to go crazy buying yarn. Acctualy she has a best friend who buys the most yarn Jan or I have ever seen. She's been buying for many years. This woman can't drive into her garage. She gives Jan and I yarn when she comes to visit. She gives Jan a lot more that she gives me. Thats fine with me. Anyways I'm getting off track. I am bringing all my expensive yarn. We resently bought a Cal King size comforter, and it came in this neat zippered bag, with a big black strap. I am toting my dear yarn in that thing. When I get there I'm kicking out the cat!
I never go on my blog. I don't think anyone reads it. I read the Yarn Harlots blog, and it makes me want to write in mine. It's March, the month of my birthday!! We are going to go on a trip up the coast of Orgen. I would like to go to Fred Myer, my Beauty Supply store, and any Yarn shop I see.

I went to a retirement party today at Lost Coast brewery today. I didn't know anyone, they were all from Mikes work. The food was fantastic. I had a burger, with bacon, and blue cheese. I love Blue cheese. After dinner, we walked on down to Arts Alive. I went to a store called Shipwreck. What a great little hole in the wall store. I bought to skeins of beautiful yarn. it's

[ 60% merino wool, 20% baby llama, 10% bamboo, and 10% donegal]

It's from Knit one crochet two, Brae tweed. I have about 200 yards, and I have no Idea what to make with it. After that I went to a used book store. I found 3 books.

I have a washcloth, 2 hats, a cowl, all in progress, and I have to start blocks for my Afghan. I found a sweater, and a vest I want to make too.