9/10/12 Episode 29

I did a lot of babbling this week

I went to the Natural Fiber Fair
in my town

I purchased at the fiber fair:

11 oz Alpaca, silk, bamboo blend from Morro fleece works

3 oz Batt Local wool, Mohair, Angelina from Monkey Spinner (her Ravelry page)

4 oz wool, Alpaca, silk, and  ????? Aunt Janet's Fiber Mill

4oz Pin Drafted roving Icelandic wool Morrow fleece works

4 oz merino top chartreuse color from Carin Engen (etsy shop)

I purchased online:

Lotion, soap, and lip balm from Wolfe Farms  (store front)

Wolfe Farms podcast page on Ravelry,  check out their show!

I purchased at Tuesday Morning:

Pace sock yarn in the Denim color

Araucania Milodon

for info on my WIPs please check prior show notes.

and your allways welcome to contact me on Ravelry as pauly81

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