Spinning project

I stopped podcasting because I couldn't keep it up, and I wasn't doing it justice. Since then I finish something, and think to myself. I would really like to share this. So I post it to instagram, Plurk, and Ravelry. I love that.

I recently bought a Highland Handmades top whirl drop spindle. I think it's amazing. I started to spin some Icelandic wool. I got a single I was happy with. My plan was to spin 2 oz on the spindle, and 2oz on the wheel, and ply them together on the wheel. I saw something on a podcast where the podcaster pulled the fiber from her spindle onto a knitting needle, and ply from it. I was able to ply a lot from it. Then I kept have to fight it. soon there was no more fighting. It was a huge mess. I tossed the rest in the trash. I did get 144 yards of what I did keep. I would like to get the respect the spindle book.

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