Paul's Hat

Paul's Hat

By: Paul Cessna 


worsted weight yarn

US 9 - 5.50mm  Knitting needles

waste yarn

Addi King knitting machine


cast on in the round with waste yarn. Knit a few rounds

Catch the end of your yarn under the first black needle, and the waste yarn under the last white needle
The your yarn and waste yarn together under the red tab.

knit 25 rounds

put your first row of stitches onto the needles all the way around. This creates the folded brim

knit 30 rounds

catch your yarn, and waste yarn and tie it under the red tab

knit a few rounds of waste yarn

using knitting needles pick up the right leg of each knit stitch all the way around of your last round

remove your waste yarn. check for any dropped stitch


 Knit 10 knit together place a stitch marker around.

You won’t have enough stitches for the last one yet.

Knit 9 knit 2 together around

Knit 8 knit 2 together around

Knit 7 knit 2 together around

Knit 6 knit 2 together around

Knit 2 together around

Knit 2 together around
weave in your ends 

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